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Recommendations to keep your skin healthy  after skin cleansing

It is useless to use the right cosmetics if we make  a series of mistakes and bad habits that are  harmful to the skin.

Washing your face  excessively: Daily cleaning is essential, but what  is more important is what you clean with, that it  is not aggressive to your skin or unbalances your  natural PH. The same happens with the weekly  peeling. 

Rest: As you know, lack of sleep affects your  entire body, and therefore, your skin. Sleeping  little decreases the production of collagen and  the renewal of skin cells. This will result in dull,  dry skin with premature wrinkles. 

Tobacco or alcohol: They are not good for the  body, and neither for your skin. They cause  premature aging and the destruction of collagen.  They take some of the nutrients, like vitamins A  and C. 

Poor nutrition: You are what you eat. If you  follow a diet rich in fiber and plenty of water,  you will get the necessary vitamins and nutrients  to beautify your skin and keep it young.  

Sunscreen: You must protect yourself every day  and in any season of the year. The sun is the  external agent that most accelerates cell aging  and it is also directly responsible for cancer.

Dirty makeup tools: The brushes you use to  apply makeup are the perfect breeding ground  for bacteria and can lead to infections, acne, etc.  Wash them regularly with a special soap or a  neutral one. 

Use products to prevent aging: Between the ages  of 25 and 30, it is recommended to start using  anti-aging cosmetics. The earlier you start to  slow down skin aging, the better. 

Expired cosmetics: Take a look at your “beauty”  cabinet and ask yourself how long is each  cosmetic. Do you keep the sun creams open  from one year to another? Look at the  

recommendations of each product. Just as you  don’t eat outdated foods, your skin shouldn’t use  expired products either.

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